Inversion Tables as Treatment for Back Pain ?>

Inversion Tables as Treatment for Back Pain

Inversion Tables as Treatment for Back Pain
Inversion Tables as Treatment for Back Pain

Inversion Tables have long been used to treat back pain and posture, ridiculed by some doctors but viciously defended by others, the only real thing to look at is results, and there are thousands of people for whom Inversion Therapy has been the answer they have been praying for.

Inversion Therapy works by un-weighting the joints that would normally support your weight. In eliminating the effect of gravity pressure is taken off of the joints and the spinal discs creating more space between them.

This form of treatment is normally recommended for people suffering from herniated disc problems or a degenerative disc disease.

Inversion therapy is also thought to help promote better circulation as the heart has to work in opposite to the normal direction of gravity. Better blood flow to the brain can also leave people feeling more alert after inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy should be started slowly, only a few minutes at a time to begin with and at less extreme angles, this gives your body time to adapt and reduces the risk of shock and pulling muscles or ligaments. Once familiar you can invert for up to 20 mins at a time up to twice a day. It is important to return to the upright position slowly to reduce the risk of damage or pain as you come back to your normal position.

There are thousands of people all across the world who benefit from inversion therapy and find relief from their ongoing back pain.

Inversion Tables come either motorized or manual, with the manual ones being far cheaper, often as low as $100, full featured motorized version can cost many thousands of dollars and apart from the ease of use offer no significant benefit in terms of actually treating back pain.

Teeter and Lifegear are two well known brands. LifeGear Inversion Table offer very good value for money. Teeter tables are a little bit more up-market with more features and perhaps a little more comfort than the cheaper lifegear tables.

Remember to have someone on hand to help you when you first start using inversion tables, as you may find it tricky to operate until you are familiar with the table. Pregnant women and anyone suffering from hypertension, heart disease, glaucoma or other eye problems should not use inversion therapy.

If you suffer from repeated back pain and have not found a remedy then I can whole-heartedly recommend inversion therapy, your results may vary but for some it is just the answer they were looking for to relieve back pain.

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